End of roving days

Should all good things come to an end? And if they do come to an end, were they that good to begin with? When I took off with the family (Rose & Murph) to hit the road in the RV, the universal send off from friends and family was “you’re living the dream, man”.

So how should I feel when I put an end to the dream—crushed like some poor possum on a lonely stretch of road in southern Oregon.

I’m relieved, actually. I feel more, I don’t know, stable. No more days hoping we’ll get the 5th wheel into our next parking spot. No more praying we don’t get lost and are unable to turn around at all. Gone is the wonder of not knowing who is actually living next door to us, a mere 10 feet away.

So for now, I’m living in Sacramento, CA. In a real house, with walls and bedrooms.  I have my own office, Murphy has a backyard to guard, and Rose and I actually chat with our neighbors. That’s pretty cool.

Sadly, we still only have one bathroom. But as I’ve learned after a year on the road, dreams don’t have to be perfect.


Rose and Murph hiking around Crater Lake in Oregon

One of many tasty local meals we enjoyed as slow nomads

We visited many inspiring places

The San Juan islands in Washington state were an education in naval history

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