Sage. That’s demotainment

Sage Extended Enterprise Suite allows a business to use a single system to input and share customer information from headquarters to remote field offices. Its benefit is simple: give employees accurate, up-to-the second information so they can make faster, more informed decisions.

With this kernel of knowledge, we created a hybrid video demo featuring a velvet-tongued CEO on his way to get his morning cup of coffee. As his employees put him on the spot with critical business questions, it becomes obvious he’s better at business babble than insight.

Strategically placed Sage EES info panes talk about how Sage provides C-level managers with better tools and improved business insights, so they can deliver relevant answers instead of confusing platitudes.

Online executions drove to the landing environment by posing a series of “tough questions”. This interactive game of “business dodgeball” engaged the audience with a challenge. Do they have the answers to stay in the game?

Copywriter: Don Smith
Agency: Doremus/San Francisco
Role: ACD/Copywriter