Not another Don Smith

Copywriter on the road. Emigrant Lake, Ashland, Oregon, June, 2010.

Agency copywriter.
Agency ACD.
Agency creative director. Twice.
Rogue freelancer. Took off in an RV for a year. Lived the dream. Learned the truth.

I’m currently based in Sacramento and available to work anywhere west of the Rockies thanks to a 27′ RV and a spirit of adventure.

Boise to Bend to Irvine, I’ve found agencies ask me back because I “get” the project even when the only guidance available is a 10-minute phone conversation and a PDF.

I’ve heard I pursue excellence but I’m not trying to get a trip to Cannes with every project. That’s definitely a compliment if you’ve ever seen me in a Speedo. I give you a 100% guarantee you won’t.

I look forward to talking about your (social, website, direct mail, video, guerrilla) project or staff position. Every agency could use some outside perspective from time to time.

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